Your IP address geolocation indicates that you are in United States. This is how services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO now and hundreds of others block your access.  Yes is all based on your IP address and is knows as geoblocking.


Traditionally, you would turn to a VPN or Proxy service to avoid the georestriction, however merely unblocking is not enough; several other important considerations come into play with speed as the priority. The craze of streaming taking over our bandwidth, undesirable frequent buffering interruptions are not acceptable.  As VPN or proxies re-route network traffic in its entirety, and multiple users accessing same proxy server simultaneously, traffic goes uncontrolled and the speed gets compromised extensively.


Fortunately, it’s easy to switch from one service such as Netflix Australia to US Netflix or view countless of other service around the world using a Smart DNS Proxy services.


Popular services such as Smart DNS Proxy, allow easy setup and access to a huge amount of content around the world.  Unlike a VPN or proxy server, it lets you unblock streaming content easily since it does not require the support of any third-party application. All it needs is a DNS Servers address that you configure onto your device and as such is compatible with all internet connected devices, like laptops, desktops, smartphone, gaming consoles, smart TVs, etc.


As for any streaming media, please make sure that you have plenty of bandwidth from your ISP as accessing overseas services does not come under their “unmetered access” unless you have unlimited downloads.